bird photography

Despite his wife's long-time interest in birdwatching, it wasn't until John got into SLR photography that he came to share her fascination with all things feathered. Today, birds in the wild are John's favorite photographic subject. Presented here is a selection of John's best avian work to date:

gallery raptors and owls

A Red-shouldered Hawk

Raptors and Owls Gallery

Burrowing Owl

The Raptors and Owls gallery includes several sorts of birds of prey:

gallery woodpeckers

Pileated Woodpecker
Woodpeckers Gallery

John's photos of woodpeckers include:

gallery wood warblers

Palm Warbler
Warblers Gallery

Most anticipated every spring yet most difficult to spot--much less photograph well--are the Wood Warblers aka New World Warblers, a group of colorful (when in breeding plumage) and tiny little songbirds:

gallery little brown jobs

White Crowned Sparrow

Sparrows Gallery

Chipping Sparrow

These ubiquitous little brown birds come in greater variety than one might think:

gallery songbirds

Red-winged Blackbird


American Goldfinch


Blue-grey Gnatcatcher

The remaining Passerines (those other than wood warblers and sparrows) include many vocal songbirds; John's photos of these varied birds encompass:

gallery shorebirds

Brown Pelican
Shorebirds Gallery

Not just gulls are the many and varied shorebirds--from pelicans to sandpipers to plovers and more, shorebirds encompass a dazzling array of birds:

gallery waterfowl, waders, and the like

White Ibis

Waterfowl, Waders, and the Like Gallery

Common Moorhen

From Ducks and Geese to Gulls and Herons, these are the birds found in and amongst the water:


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