the Worlds Saga

Spread across some ten novel-length stories and several short pieces, the Worlds Saga represents some of John's finest writing to date.

Worlds Apart

The woods always held a special magic for John and his friends as they spent the days in their Secret Treehouse in imaginative games that took them to all sorts of fantastic worlds. Now, as John feels adulthood aproaching, he leads the Companions on one last grand adventure--only this time, the worlds are real, and so is the danger!

Join John, Michael, Krista, Randy, and Brooke as they discover a world of sword and sorcery that had always been hidden within their imaginations, a world they must fight to save from an evil they must defeat to ever return home.

Worlds at War

Some sixteen years after their adventures in Worlds Apart, Michael and Krista have settled into a new life on the world they saved, yet on the horizon build the flames of a war that threatens everything they have come to know and love.

Michael must journey in search of a long-forgotten empire whose citizens stand removed from the very fabric of magic as the evil forces behind the dark sorceress he and his friends defeated years ago have set their sights upon not only Michael and Krista's new homeworld but perhaps on Earth and others beyond it as well!

Originally intended as a single story, Worlds at War currently takes the form of a trilogy, with the first volume encompassing the arrival of the Damned and Michael's frantic search for help; the second his time in the Empire as he convinces a people long forgotten to come to his aid; and the third covering the final battles for the Worlds.

Children of the Worlds

Two generations after the events of Worlds Apart, a new group of children stand poised to discover the special powers of the woods and their imaginations--but they must first overcome the sinister presence that lurks in the backs of their minds and threatens to trap them in a world of nightmares forever!

Chronologically the third volume in the Worlds Saga, Children of the Worlds will likely be the first released for publication, with Worlds Apart and the Worlds at War stories set as prequels.


Rydia possesses a very special heritage: her father John may be the greatest wizard in the history of two Worlds, and her mother Selandria is the elemental spirit tasked with keeping those Worlds separate and whole. Join Rydia as she grows up in the magical Waterfall Grotto and then sets out to travel the Worlds and find her place among them.

Intended as something of a sequel to Children of the Worlds, Rydia's story encompasses both her time on Earth and her adventures beyond it.

Answer this Wish

The nereid Selandria, long entrusted with guarding the boundary between the Worlds, accepted an offer to ascend to a higher plane and become a goddess; yet her lifemate John, the most powerful wizard in the history of the Worlds, remained behind in the realm of mortal men, unable to accept the end of one life for the beginning of another.

As a goddess, Selandria's duties remain as the custodian of the Worlds, where one day she spies out a young man that makes her heart ache for John. Will she answer the boy's one wish for a world beyond the mundane one in which he lives?

Meanwhile, John at last discovers the reason behind his reluctance to abandon the material planes as he even himself pursues an immortality of his own making and uncovers a paradox at the heart of his very existence!

Worlds of the Past

Nearly a hundred years have passed on Earth since the Companions' fateful journey into the Worlds of their imagination, and those who have remained to entrust the secrets of the Worlds to the children of the future find themselves longing for one last adventure. Randy, still as young as his heart, comes to find storyteller Alan and lead his friend on a quest back through the ages that could change the history of both Worlds.

Worlds of the Past serves as both a conclusion to the early Worlds Saga stories and a bridge to their past as Randy and Alan discover the true story of the crazy "Loon" who pursued them into the woods and the Worlds beyond.

Worlds of Change

Rydia returns from her adventures beyond the Worlds to find much changed--and oddly too much the same, as time seems stuck in the past on Earth, where Rydia finds long-gone friends attending high school and the hidden threat of an eons-old creature bent on destroying the world. Somehow Rydia must restore the proper flow of time, even if it means the death of her dearest friends.

New Worlds

Thousands of years have passed since the adventures of John and the Companions, and across the boundary the Empire whose assistance Michael sought faces its gravest threat. Not only do the Empire's magic-impervious citizens dwell beneath the dark clouds of war and invasion, but a shadowy figure of the past and the Empire's very genesis plots a terrible revenge that threatens every man, woman, and child.

Jonathan--distant descendant of Michael and the once-dark sorceress Kathleen--stands as the advisor to a young and brash Emperor with Rachael, a sorceress from a distant land, at his side.

Planned as a new starting point for the Worlds Saga, the stories of Jonathan, Rachael, and Jerrold promise to span a number of novels.


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