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John's interest in bird photography and his life-long enthusiasm for nature and the outdoors led him to combine the two with his writing in the form of several birding photologues. His first work, On the Wing: A Photographic Journey of John's First Year of Birding, covered his best birding from 2006, with photos and an accompanying narrative for over fifty species of birds.

[COVER IMAGE] Taking to the Skies: A Photologue of Birding across the United States (by John Nolley II)

Subsequently, John has put together a new volume each year sharing the best photos of the birds and their habitats from John's travels across the United States.

in John's words:

My interest in bird photography really led me to a sense of environmentalism and conservation that growing up in the woods didn't; I think I took for granted the nature of my own backyard all those years. This awakened respect for and awe of the natural world is something I hope carries over into the narratives in my birding photologues.

In 2007, John's Taking to the Skies: A Photologue of Birding Across the United States included over eighty photos covering nearly seventy species of birds, and his most recent book, In Migration: A Year of Birding and Transition in Photography, dedicates 112 full-color pages to the best of the birds he photographed from late 2007 and throughout 2008.

Each of John's birding photologues is available from on-demand publisher, and may be purchased directly from Lulu or via the book shop. Purchasing one of these books not only makes for a great gift for any bird lover but also helps support John's continued photographic work.

Additionally, John is planning to offer full footnotes & citations for his bird books online (to supplement the bibliography provided in In Migration. Check back soon for the full list of citations for his most recent bird photologue!


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