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John Nolley II - Internet Home Page

Visit John's personal home page to learn more about John and his many, many interests beyond the creative works expressed on this site, from costuming to gourmet cooking and more. - A Slice of Our Out-of-the-Ordinary Lives offers a slice of the out-of-the-ordinary lives of John and his wife Beth (minus the assorted pet dander, bird screeches, cat chases, and dog howls they experience in their fauniferous zoo each day).


Silver Whiskers Petsitting: Quality in-home pet care specializing in senior pets and birds in Fairfax, VA

Silver Whiskers Petsitting provides in-home petsitting in Fairfax, VA, specializing in senior pets and birds. Beth provides up to four daily visits while you're out of town, making sure all your pets' special needs are properly met. Zinc Toxicity in Companion Birds tells the story of Locke Cole, John's whiteface cockatiel who barely survived a case of severe zinc poisoning. Locke's near-death experience with zinc toxicity opened John's eyes to the dangers zinc can pose to our feathered friends, and he hopes Locke's story can help prevent others from going through the emotionally and financially difficult experience of a beloved pet's illness. The Secret, Seedy Lives of Pets

Ever wonder what secret lives your pets live? We did--and what we found makes most soap operas look tame! Explore the tabloid lives of our pets at!


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